The Five Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Coronavirus


Coronavirus is getting worst day be day. You are not alone. There are many others. Which also scared due to this. It is a big news that who has declared it as a pandemic. After that every country has to taken certain steps towards this disease.

We will cover Coronavirus‘s all side for your simplicity. in this article you will get symptoms Photos videos News and many more things. Be with us till the end of this article. you will not be panic as we will positively set your mind.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Origin is From china but the biggest threat is now active stage II coronavirus in India. Most of the Infected corona People are experiencing their runny nose and there throat is getting sore, they are even coughing a lot. Due to this people may get fever and some severe breathing difficulties. These are the symptoms of corona in other word Covid 19.

While coronavirus in hindi region is also spreading at a very slow speed but it should not be ignored. As there is a time limit because if it is spreading from a high speed (less than 30 days) from Corona II stage to III stage of Covid 19 then it will be a major worry.

Corona Effect

The effect of this virus is on kidney and the breathing system of human body. If concerned people is not isolated than critical effects of corona can be addressed.

How corona virus india Spred in India?

Research shows a group of corona infected tourists from italy were the main reason thus it was spreaded into such pandemic disease.

Coronary artery disease

Corona remedies

You can control the cold and flue from basic paracetamol and Levocetirizine but you should have the antibodies or we can say strong immune system to fight against corona attack.

Coronavirus causes

keep wash your hands at regular interval and save yourself. There is a proper method to wash your hands.

Centers for disease control

Govt has opened 52 govt hospital test centers for corona as per the numbers specified in WHO. Many international boundaries has been sealed. The border line from Bangladesh Bhutan and Nepal like countries is being monitor 24*7.

Chronic medical conditions

Although Chronic medical conditions are not in control by today infrastructure as there is no specific treatment for corona.

Transmission of covid-19

It is started from raw meat of animals and it is being transmitted though hands from one person to another person. Transmission of covid-19 can be controlled if we keep 1 meter distance from corona infected person.

Stay at home united states

Usa govt has released an advisory to keep their citizen safe and they are requested to Stay at home united states of america is among most affected nations from corona virus. In this list China is having first position in Corona and Italy is second worst hit nation from coronavirus in the world.

14 days infected with the virus

If anyone has spent 14 days infected with the virus corona then it is impossible to recover. you can not survive from viral attack you immune system should have capacity to come out of any viral attack withing 3 to 4 days.

Fever cough infect people are danger in corona virus ?

If anyone is having nearby Fever cough infect people then there is an alarming situation for you. You must stay away from 1 meter from sneezing and coughing person.

Coughing or Sneezing

As we said earlier every Coughing or Sneezing person do not have corona. You can understand it could be seasonal diseases as we are not yet come out of cold or winter weather.

How corona virsu develop symptoms in human body ?

Corona or covid 19 virus start developing symptoms after it reaches to your body we should immediately take advice from healthcare specialists.

Disease control and prevention

disease control and prevention

What is the name of Virus that causes covid-19?

it was identified as “2019 novel coronavirus” in year 2019 . Right now it is known as SARS-CoV-2. Still this term is not widely known. It is the virus that causes covid-19.

Why Aged Person are not safe from Acute respiratory syndrome?

Due to Covid 19 sacs in the human lungs are filled with liquid (fluids). This acute respiratory syndrome occurs and aged people has not so able to deal with this.

When health professional can be consulted for corona virus?

you should consult health care professionals in case of fever, cough, and most urgent in case you find it difficult to breath.

Shall we avoid all close contacts?

No you have to take care of yourself from public gathering and the infected people.

Was world health organization fully aware before corona ?

No it was a new virus and china kept hiding the fact that there is a virus like corona in their nation which is the main worry for most of the nations. They failed in dealing with. It can be said due to arrogance of chinese govt. They thought they will make vaccine for corona virus imminently which does not happened.

How much time public health sector can make a vaccine for corona virus?

As per experts it is impossible to make corona vaccine before 1 to 1.5 years. All Public health sectors and pharmachutical companies are trying their level best to overcome covid 19 virus.

Lockdown in hubei province?

Chinese hubei province was heavily locked down but right now condition has been improved. Alzajeera has written a article on their website about this.

Coronavirus Faqs

What is Corona Virus?

it is covid 19 which has few symptoms such as People are experiencing their runny nose and there throat is getting sore, they are even coughing a lot. Due to this people may get fever and some severe breathing difficulties.

How Corona Virus Can Be Stopped ?

Isolation from affected people and Proper use of Alcohol based Sanitizer.

Is there any vaccine available for Coronavirus?

As of now (15 Fab 2020) Still no Vaccine is available.

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