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If You are planning to build a home  and the standard size for a person which is earning rs 25000 to 50000 per month can afford to build a new home which cab be size of 25*50 feet = 1250 square feet.

We took this size as a reference because if you have a family of 4-5 members then you can live happily and can have enough space for your self and your kids and also can have a standard parking size in which a four wheeler can be parked along with one or two bikes.

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You can have a water tank of 10*15= 150 square feet. Which can  store water of two tankers at a time. You can also have two partitions in the water tank also where you can store both kinds of water ( for drninking purpose and for other purpose like washing of cloths, bath and cleaning etc.

Structure Part

This standard house can have a stair case of 10*15 feet = 150 aquare feet. From which you can reach to the roof of first floor. Also there can be a balcony of 3 feet in the front side of the house which will cover the are of 25*3 feet = 75 feet. 

Usually the contractor count the size of balcony by dividing it by 2. In our standard case it is 75/2 which is equal to 37 feet. In most of the area contractor charge rs 600/- INR for per square feet. In our case it is

Total build area is 25*50 = 1250 Sq ft

Water tank 10*10 =            100 sq ft.

Stare Case 10*15 =             150 sq ft.

Balcony 25*3 = 75 sq feet  37.5 Sq ft.  ( Divided By Two)

Total Area =                          1537.5 Sq ft.

Cost =                                    1537.5*600 = 9,22,500/-

This charge of Rs 600/- INR consist the work of Structure + Stone work + Plenth Beam (D.P.C), Roof, Plenth Protection, Stair case, izzzzzzara, PCC work.


Now Comes the furnishing  part in which the contractor charge around Rs 325/- per sq ft and according to our standard example. It consist Plaster work,  Stone for elevation up to Rs 40 Rs sq ft. Tiles for Bathroom upto  7 feet and the tiles + stand for the Kitchen, Tile pieces work for the roof. Finishing of  marbles on the floors parking and the ramp. Total cost of finishing tak is around 325*1537.5 = 4,99687/-INR.

Doors and Windows.

Chogte=                                                              60,000/-

Windows and Doors =                                    1,60,000/-

Glasswork for the door and windows = 18000/-

Colouring cost =                                                60,000/-

Total cost=                                                          2,98,000/-

False Seeling (POP) work

Good looking Normal Design word =       65,000/-

Colour + Lights as per designs =                 40,000/-

Design as per architect =                               3,00,000/-

Down Up to 6” =                                               2,00,000/-

Lighting Work

Piping 80 ft * 280/- =                                       22,400/-

Labour cost XXXx 1300 sq ft * 15=             23,400/-

Matirial (wire,xxxx,Accesories)  =             1,43,000/-

A/C Fan, Tubelights and CFL =                    1,04,000/-

Sanitary Work

Total cost of Standard Sanitory work is worth rupees 1300*110 = 1,43,000/-


Labour cost is Bathroom=  8000/-

Labour cost is Kitchen =    5000/-

Putty and Colouring Work

The putty and standard clour part is charged 1300*65 = 84,500/-

Gate and Ralling Work

The gate and railing work is done on this price model 1300* 120 = 1,56,000/-

The ralling part is done on the stair case ralling, baramda, Balcony and xxxx

Furniture Work

Bed + Dining Table + Almirah + Wardrobe + Modular Kitchen 1300sq ft * 100 = 1,30,000/-

Total Cost of the Home in typical lock and key mode is around 25,91,487/- INR



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