How to Delete Paytm Account | Easiest Method 2020

How to delete paytm account

Do you know How to Delete Paytm Account in less time. Paytm will try to retain you as much they can but you can force them to delete your account.

Paytm do not let their customer to delete their account but learn how it is easy Many customers are not so happy after paytm has started looting the loyal customers.

How to do delete Your paytm Account Immidiately

How to delete paytm account

How to delete paytm account

Let us understand the scenario first why people want to get rid of Paytm

Here are the reasons you might have faced with Paytm

Fake Promocodes

Paytm is full of nonsense. It show many kinds of lucrative promo codes, which are senseless and people hardly get benefits from these. Likewise you may have seen promo codes like SUPERTRAVELRB, LUCKY200

We haven’t seen anybody won prize like these. We are sure you too would have not seen any person which claims to won such prize.

Promise of Cashback

At the time of any recharge they may show promo codes for discount on forthcoming electricity bills whereas we do not get that much cashback.

Better deals

Many other online sellers are providing way better deals than paytm. As we see several Online sellers like Amazon and Flipkart not only give better price.

They are also do not keep customers money in their account and get huge bank interest out of it.

Fake Products

We have seen many deals like 100 pen in Rs 1. Children toys in rs 5 But after adding to your card you may get delivery charges like rs 80 Rs to Rs 240/- . Which make such deal bogus.

Alibaba’s Investments

There are several concerns raise after China’s alibaba made investment in Paytm. There was a video of Paytm CEO which went viral in which he was drunk and said several abusing terms.

How to delete paytm account CEO is sadakchap

Late Products Delivery

While paytm looks only sales and take very less burden on itself for better deliveries. You may check it by ordering a same product from amazon and paytm. Definitely you will get the faster delivery from Amazon.

Paytm’s delivery module is not so famous and known for its late delivery.

IRCTS charges

This is probably biggest sin of paytm. They shows you that they do not charge for irctc train tickets but actually they add their charges while booking the ticket.

Credit Card Companies do not trust Paytm

Add some amount into your paytm wallet from your card for two to three times your bank, or credit card department will block your credit card or even debit card will be blocked.

Fake Sale Offers and inability to stop frauds

We have seen several website which make fake paytm spin offers and after that a prize is shown and users are forced to share the offer to 10 whatsapp groups. Paytm never get bother about such fake offer websites.

Delete you paytm account with these steps

Call Customer care

Make a call on Customer care of Paytm

Paytm 24*7 Customer Helpline Numbers

For Paytm Bank, Wallet and Payments Call on this 0120-4456-456
Movies and Events Tickets, Call on this 0120-4728-728
Paytm Mall Shopping Orders, Call on this 0120-4606060
Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex, Call on this 0120-4880-880

Open App

Go to 24*7 help desk area and raise your inquiry and raise your ticket and wait for their reply.

Visit Website of Paytm

visit the link 24*7 and raise your concern.

You will get a mail from [email protected] You will be asked to produce 2 things

  • Give Details of recent Transactions
  • Post/ Mail a selfie with KYC documents in hand.

After this paytm will delete your account. You may create now account after that. But old data will not be available.

Things to do before deleting Paytm Account

Delete Your Card Details

Delete all your cards ( debit and credit ) on by one.

Take records of your orders

Keep a backup of your copy by downloading order details and other things. Make a file and save your data.

Delete your address

Delete your address from Paytm Account

Remove Adhaar card

You may have to ask paytm to de attach your adhaar card from your paytm account.

Delete Busines account

Before doing this you also delete your business account which is related to your number,

Uninstall App

Uninstall Paytm App from your andriod mobile of apple mobile. by go to application select paytm and tap on uninstall. You may Select the app and keep your finger forcefully then you may drag it to the uninstall option. Which is on the top of screen.

Pro Tips How to delete Paytm Account

Inform Paytm that your have changed your mobile number and some one has taken your number. I will not be responsible and the consequences will not be my concern from now onwords.

Start Giving Bad reviews

Start giving bad reviews and start tweeting every now and than. add your self in the conversation of paytm support account and other customers and tell the other customer how you get cheated by paytm.

Post your concern of forum which entertain customer grievances.

Talk Rudely to the customer care executives

Call customer care and do not hesitate to talk rudely and ask the executive to call the seniors and talk to them.

But Large Numbers of Products and Do not Take Delivery

This is probably best method to go neck to neck with Paytm. This is like hit where is hurts.

Read all Term and Condition on Paytm WebsiteSo this is how you may check and know the process of How to Delete Paytm Account in 2020. Thanks for reading our article on LIVENEWSBETA. If you have any question on this do comment below, we will revert as wet get notified and will reply. Regards

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