How to use Paytm from Desktop for Better Deals

How to use paytm
How to use paytm

If you want to user Paytm from your mobile it is your choice but we would like to suggest you to make better use of this awesome apps which not only has basic abilities to do your daily task but also keeps your savings and deposits with better interest rates.

How to use paytm from desktop browser

How to use paytm

Great User Experience

As We know the desktop browsers has the better resolution and the websites can display a vast numbers of facilities. As Paytm is also a company which offer thousands of services.

Display all those services on mobiles makes it tough. So Several menus has been created in which you have to navigate yourself and it will be little bit tough for you to reach the desired item or service.

Promo Codes

You may get all promo codes on your laptop and desktop browsers. By which you can cashback or discounts. Whereas, on the tine screen you may have to slide and you may miss many useful promo codes and deals.

Browser Features

Your Pc browsers has several features than your mobile app or mobile browsers like extensions and many other things. You will definitely get benefits while using paytm on Desktop pc.

how to use paytm from desktop

Browsers Extention Support

paytm chrome extentions

Browser History

You will definitely get benefits of the browser history from chrome or Firefox like browsers on windows or on Safari Browser on the Mac OS. Browser history can bring many benefits for you to track the time of visiting a particular page.

Wide screens

Since the resolutions of modern computers not only give a better visual experience than tine mobile screen. You get everything in front of eyes. All services, products available for sales, offers etc.

Better interface

Modern UX UI interface are liquid smooth and end user get very comfortable while surfing web. and in such case Using Paytm will surely boost your buying experience.

Facilities to check other websites

You never need to go to home buton and open Paytm’s compititor app like amazon or flipkart in order to check price and than comes back to Paytm. Just open new tab and that’s it.

Price Comparisons from Leading Websites

There are many price comparison website are available. You font have to install every other app in order to check prices. Henceforth you may save data on your mobile.

Better Saving deals

Compare price and save your precious money. This is best practice all modern people are using.

Amazing Ad experience

You will definitely get sponsored ads on mobile but the way it opens in the nearby tab make very better choice for end users. where as on the app there will be a useless browser will less functional opens the sponsored link.

You dont have much options like sharing or copying the url.

Visit Official Paytm Website from here

So this is how you may check and know the process of How to Use Paytm From Desktop Browser 2020. Thanks for reading our article on LIVENEWSBETA. If you have any question on this do comment below, we will revert as wet get notified and will reply. Regards,


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