Movierulz Download Latest HD Telugu and Bollywood Movies in 2020: Is it legal and Safe?

Movierulz Download

Our usual source of entertainment is movies and today topic is based on Movierulz. Movies are not only the source of entertainment but the best ways to get the family together and spend time with them.

Indian people’s love for movies is obvious because of the Bollywood film industry. They always wait for the fresh content from the popular movie makers.

Popularity of Movierulz2

Here, we will provide you information about a popular website Movierulz2 which has become a big challenge for various movie makers and producers across the world.

Movierulz2 is a film piracy website that allows its users to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood movies for free of cost. These movies are also available for streaming.

As per the Indian Law, this website is illegal because distributing any copyrightedmaterial or their parts without permission of the copyright holder is a crime. Therefore, watching or downloading movies from this website is considered an offense and is punishable under various sections of IPC.

The Government has banned such websites over the internet to publish such content however, these websites have managed to survive using proxy links. Movierulz2 is a sister website of Movierulz and uses piracy practices for distributing the content among its users.

So, the Government takes down the website as and when it goes live. The owners of this website have also launched their Android application and made it available on Play Store to download and watch movies online.

The new Movierulz2APK helps its users to get updates on the new release of movies and let them watch online. The users can also download movies without the internet. This APK has become the biggest reason for filmmakers to make the loss of more money.

What is APK?

If you have not heard the work APK earlier, I will explain it to you. APK is also known as the android package. APK is a package file format which is used by the Android operating system. This file is created for Google’s Android OS that allows us to install and distribute the application.

As the APK is made only for the Android platforms, it cannot be accessed with any other platforms, such as iOS or Windows.

The APK programmer compiles different files binds them together in a bundle that is ready for distribution and installation. When a user downloads APK and installs it on his device, he can access the application.

The Movierulz app has launched its various versions of APK. If the APK is made for piracy of movies and videos, the user will not be able to find it on the Play Store.

How to download Movierulz2 application?

It is always recommended to use direct website download links to download movies. But the owners of this website keep changing their domains to avoid the Government laws. So, it becomes little challenging for the users to get their desired movies from the direct website link.

The best alternative of this is the official Movierulz app. The application helps the users to download and watch their favorite movies from Movierulz without any interruption.

The application also doesn’t contain annoying popup or video ads. This makes the downloading process quite easy.

Type Movierulz APK in your browser to download the application. You can see a list of various application providers. You can check and select according to their ratings and reviews.

It is advised to check and research a bit before downloading and installing application in your phone. It is safe to use your secondary phone to avoid data frauds.

Basic features of Movierulz2

Movierulz2 is a website that allows users to download high quality Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films. The basic features of Movierulz2are:

  • It is free of cost online live streaming and movie download service.
  • It provides content in various languages.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface that can be accessed easily.
  • It offers uninterrupted video download and watch services.

It comes with an auto-play option that helps you watch the next episode of the TV series.

Other Movierulz2Links

Since it is clear that downloading or watching movies on Movierulz2isillegal in India,theGovernment authorities keep a vigilant eye on it. They keep searching the piracy websites and the same happens with Movierulz2.

As soon it gets up on the internet, the take it down and ban it. But in today’s technology world, nothing can be banned completely. If they ban one link, it can reappear using other links.

Therefore it becomes a never-ending loop of piracy. Although the Government authorities are continuously trying to stop the websites offering pirated movies to watch and download.

Movierulz2 appears with its different links such as Movierulz.plz,,,,, etc.


If you feel unable to download the copyright content from Movierulz2,you can use some other links provides by their ownerssuch as or movierulz.plz.

Before we go ahead and discuss anything, let me clarify that these websites are also banned and illegal and accessing these websites can lead to serious actions and can be punished under the Act of Anti-Piracy.

Everyone wants to reduce the cost of watching movies online. Movierulz.plz is popular among its users because it allows them to download or watch English, Hindi, Telugu movies free of cost.

In this article, we will provide you details of other Movierulz websites. If any user cannot access Movierulz.plz due toa ban from the Government, they can access other Movierulz websites like

Apart from offering Bollywood and English movies, the allows their users to watch and download full movies in various Indian regional languages, such as Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies.

Today, it has been difficult as well as expensive to watch and download films and TV series online. People need to pay the subscription amount every month which puts an extra burden on their pockets. They try to find a solution to watch it online or download it to watch later for free of cost.

Movierulz website has multiple domains available with identical names such as Movierulz.plz,,, etc. and is one of those piracy movie download site links.

This article will inform you about how harmful it can be to download videos from Movierulz2.

When a website has so many identical names, it becomes difficult for Government authorities to find the source of is one of the torrent websites that offer pirated content in HD format to download as well as watch online. This website is quite popular among its users because no other websites can offer so many latest movies and TV series.

Google has also banned the torrent Movierulz2 content from uploading. However, Indian law is not sufficient to prevent people from downloading movies and TV series.

Therefore, people can still watch movies on Movierulz2.People can easily search their favourite movies using other links of Movierulz2,such asMovierulz.plz,, is also one of the piracy websites that has been used popularly to download and watch movies online for free.

Since piracy is a big crime in India, the owners of Movierulz2 have published the pirated content using various links, such as Movierulz.plz,,,

They keep the domain name the same and online change its extension whenever they upload it using new links. This strategy is used to maintain the website traffic through old domain names that has been banned by the Indian authorities.

Piracy has become a big threat for filmmakers and producers. Some online subscription websites offer download plans on payment of a certain amount.

However, many users want to enjoy the latest movies without paying a single penny and serves them for what they want. is usually considered as a Pakistan origin domain name, however, it serves the users from all across the world.

Movierulz2 Alternatives

Since everybody wants to watch movies and TV series live on the internet free of cost, it becomes crucial to find other alternatives to Movierulz2. Many of them are free of cost while some of them are accessible by paying a little amount. Their Movierulz2 alternatives include:

  • 123movies
  • pagalworld
  • Jalshamoviez
  • Isaidub
  • Filmywap
  • Tamilrasigan
  • Fmovies
  • World4ufree
  • Playtamil
  • Tamilrockers
  • Tamilyogi
  • Tamilgun
  • Filmihit
  • Khatrimaza
  • Isaidub

Although these alternatives of Movierulz2 can be used to download or watch movies from the internet, they are still considered as illegal websites. Because of its free of cost service and easy accessibility across the world, its live streaming service has become extremely popular.

Legal Alternatives of Movierulz2

Many people have the same query, whetherMovierulz2 has any legal alternatives to watch and download movies without the worry of piracy of the content. Using illegal websites is never a safe option to watch movies online.

Therefore, we always recommend you to use the legal alternatives of Movierulz2.Anybody can access these legal websites from anywhere online by paying a certain amount as a subscription charge.

These websites offer HD picture quality and audio without interruption of the advertisements. These legal alternative of Movierulz2 are:

  • Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • YesMovies
  • Ice movie
  • GoMovies
  • Netflix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • MX Player
  • Moviezwap
  • Z Movies
  • LookMovie
  • PopCornFlix
  • HDO
  • Nitro
  • MovieNinja
  • Movies4U

Who are the owners of Movierulz2?

Everyone wants to know about the owners of Movierulz2 but the fact is that nobody knows about the owners of this website. As we have said earlier, it is not easy to track them and find their identity. They play a smart game and cannot be caught easily.

They keep their identities as a top-secret and never reveal their identities. Authorities are continuously trying to get information about the owners of Movierulz2 and we will update you once we receive the detail.

Can I stream movies online on Movierulz2?

Yes, definitely. You can use this smart and user-friendly feature of this website. It analyses the behavior of its users and optimizes the website accordingly.

How has Movierulz2 become popular among its users?

People always buying things for free of cost. Suppose you love branded clothes and there are various shops that sell these clothes at high prices. In the same market, there is a shop that sells similar or say copy of braded clothes at very cheap prices.

Now, the question is that will you buy these first copy clothes. Yes, you will and of course, many people does the same thing. They chose to buy from copy shops even knowing that it is illegal.

The websites like Movierulz do the same thing. They offer the paid movies or TV series for free of cost. Why would they like to pay for the movies available for free of cost? This is the biggest reason behind the popularity of Movierulz2.

How does Movierulz2 make money?

As we have said earlier the Government has banned this website, this question is common among users that how Movierulz2 makes money. Indeed, the website cannot last for long because as soon as the authorities track the website, they take it down.

However, the website can earn loads of money for whatever time it lasts online. The website owners use various ways to increase traffic on the website.

Although they cannot run advertisements from trusted advertisement networks, such as Google AdSense, and, they deploy popup and redirection advertisement networks with spammy methods.

They also use short URL advertisements to earn money that take you to the second party website, when clicked.

Popup Advertising

Popup advertising is one of the ways of advertising used in the internet marketing to attract the website traffic. A small window pops-up with help of JavaScript. When users try to open any link in Movierulz2, they accidently open a popup window advertisement.

This popup ispopup marketing to sell you something. It usually irritates the users and causes increased bounce rate on their websites.

Short URLs

The short URLs are also a way to make money for Movierulz2 owners.The owners of this website make the short URLs with the help of URL shorteners.

They can shorten the URL of the download link and then place it on their website Movierulz2. When someone clicks on these short URLs, they get redirected to the download server of the website.

Here, the user may need to transit between the website and server through a website that can possibly be approved by Adsense.

Is it safe to download Telugu movies on Movierulz2?

No, it is not. It is true that you can not only watch Telugu movies on Movierulz2 but you can also download movies in HD format.However, watching or downloading the pirated content from Movierulzis a crime.

The Government authorities have set their efforts to outlaw these websites. But due to various active domains available of such websites, it seems difficult for them to track all their websites.This is the reason they are still operating and earning money.

How to download HD movies from Movierulz2?

You must be aware of all the valid URLs and domains of Movierulz2 to download HD movies. First, find the right domain for you and then open it in the incognito mode. Incognito mode is the safest way to access such links.

Once the latest Movierulzlink is open,you can find a list of various latest Bollywood and regional movies. You can also find a search bar at the top of the website where you can search your desired movies.

Type your preferred movies in the search bar and then hit the search button. In search results, you can get your desired movie to watch or download.

Since these websites are illegal, they use hidden popup ads for making money. Therefore, the chances are higher that you may face popup ads while downloading the movies from Movierulz2.

On an average, a user may face 5-6 popup ads, however, they can be avoided easily.

A popup ad blocker can be highly effective and helpful if you are a desktop computer or laptop user. Some browsers such as Google Chrome have blocker extension that help you blocking such popups.

Finally, you can see your search results of movies with their thumbnails. You can click on these thumbnails to get download option.

Is it safe to watch or download movies from Movierulz2?

India is a country which is blessed with corruption. Here, you can always find more number of illegal ways than the legal ones. The same applies with these piracy websites.

There are a number cases lodged against Movierulz, however, they have still managed to survive in the piracy world and are working effectively.

As said earlier, downloading or watching movies on Movierulz2 is never a safe and legal option. Though there are billions of users who use such piracy websites, it is not advised to download or watch movies from these websites.

Recently, in a case, some members of Movierulz were caught and now all of them are in jail.You should always avoid such practices because these situations are always unpredictable.

Therefore, it is advised that you should pay some amount of your hard-earned money and stop promoting corruption. If you want to download genuine movies then kindly be informed about the authentic movie apps from google play store.


We neither support nor promote any torrent or piracy website. This article is just to provide you information about such piracy websites and how risky it can be watching or downloading movies from piracy websites.

We advise you not to use these piracy and torrent sites. Downloading content from these websites can be harmful and vulnerable to your phone data.

The content shown above is written solely to provide our readers with the important information about piracy and illegal websites.

If you love reading this article please like it and share it on social media. and check more updates from our entertainment section. Do not forget to provide your opinion about Movierulz in our comment section below.

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