Tamilrockers.ws Latest Leaked Movie List

Tamilrockers.ws Latest Leaked Movie List


Tamilrockers.ws Latest Leaked Movie List
Tamilrockers.ws Latest Leaked Movie List

The notorious website team tamilrockers are still roaring from clouds after several bans they seems to get live again on the internet. The details were as per follows. Hosting Provider: Cloudflare CDN Network.

See the Latest Leaked movie by tamilrockers.ws

S. No.Movie NameGenereCountryCategoryYear of Release
1How to Train Your HusbandHollywoodGlobalHD2020
2Twin Betrayal [The Duplicate]HollywoodGlobalhd avc x264 2018
3Dead Mans Cards HollywoodGlobal1080p 2006
4To All the Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You HollywoodGlobal700mb hdrip 2020
5Egg HollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2018
6Stuntmen HollywoodGlobal700mb hdrip 2009
7A Night to RegretHollywoodGlobalhd avc x264 2018
8Hacker HollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2017
9Charlies Angels HollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2019
10Pizhai HollywoodGlobal700mb hdrip 2020
11Vrithra HollywoodGlobalavc x264 2019
12Red HollywoodGlobal700mb hdrip 2010
13PoiyattamHollywoodGlobalhd avc x264 2020
14Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas HollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2019
15Frozen II HollywoodGlobalavc x264 2019
16Color Out of Space HollywoodGlobalhd avc x264 2019
17Judy HollywoodGlobalx264 250mb 2019
18Frozen 2 HollywoodGlobalavc x264 2019
19Ayushman Bhava HollywoodGlobal700mb hdrip 2019
20The Hunger Games Trilogy HollywoodGlobalavc x264 2012 to 2015
21Dragon BladeHollywoodGlobalorg auds tamil 2015
22Birds of Prey HollywoodGlobalauds tamil telugu2020
23HappyHardy And Heer Globalorg auds 2020
24Shikara Global700mb hdrip 2020
25The Hunger Games HollywoodGlobal720p hdrip 2012
26The Hunger Games: Catching Fire HollywoodGlobalx264 250mb 2013
27The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 1HollywoodGlobalavc x264 2012 to 2015
28The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 2HollywoodGlobalbdrip org 2012 to 2015
29Bigil Globalorg auds tamil 2019
30Parasite HollywoodGlobalauds tamil telugu2019
31RulerHollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2019
32SandimuniGlobalorg auds 2020
33Stalin Andarivadu Global1080p hd avc 2020
34Dolittle HollywoodGlobalbdrip org auds 2019
35Vinara Sodara Veera KumaraGlobal1080p hd avc 2019
36Vaanam KottattumGlobalxvid mp3 700mb 2020
37Jaanu Globalx264 400mb hdrip 2020
38Seeru Globalavc x264 ddp 2020
39Thottappan Globaltamil telugu x264 2019
40Dolittle HollywoodGlobal720p hd avc 2020
41Kissebaaz Globalauds tamil 2019
42MalangGlobalorg auds 2020
43Mardaani 2 Global700mb hdrip 2019
44Knives Out HollywoodGlobal720p hdrip 2019
45Afsos (2020) Season 01 Globalx264 250mb 2020
46Rajavukku Check Globalavc x264 2020
47Maayanadhi Globalbdrip org 2020
48Ungarala RambabuGlobalorg auds tamil 2017
49The Gambions HollywoodGlobalauds tamil telugu2019
50Julie 2 Globaltamil telugu x264 2017
51Chola Global720p hd avc 2019
52Thrissur PooramGlobalauds tamil 2019
53Julie 2 Globalorg auds 2017
54Julie 2 Global700mb hdrip 2017
55No Country for Old Men HollywoodGlobal720p hdrip 2007
56Mosadi Globalx264 250mb 2019
57Naan Sirithal Globalavc x264 2020
58The Hitman’s Bodyguard HollywoodGlobalbdrip org 2017
59Jojo Rabbit HollywoodGlobalorg auds tamil 2019
60ParasiteHollywoodGlobalauds tamil telugu2019
61Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood HollywoodGlobalx264 400mb hdrip 2019
62Express Journey HollywoodGlobalavc x264 ddp 2019
63Iddari Lokam Okate Globaltamil telugu x264 2019
64Prati Roju Pandage Globalhd avc x264 2019
65Thambi Global1080p 2019
66Avane Srimannarayana Global700mb hdrip 2019
67Terminator : Dark Fate HollywoodGlobal1080p hd avc 2019

The complete DNS details is as per following

tamilrockers.wsSOA3599 curt.ns.cloudflare.com [email protected] 2033319589 10000 2400 604800 3600
tamilrockers.wsNS2863 curt.ns.cloudflare.com
tamilrockers.wsNS2863 ingrid.ns.cloudflare.com
tamilrockers.wsAAAA149 2606:4700:3032::681b:80ee
tamilrockers.wsAAAA149 2606:4700:3032::681b:81ee
www.tamilrockers.wsAAAA299 2606:4700:3032::681b:80ee
www.tamilrockers.wsAAAA299 2606:4700:3032::681b:81ee

When Tamilrocker.ws Will Be Blocked or Expire?

Check all details here

Existance DetailsDate
Expires On 21-06-2020
Registered On 21-06-2016
Updated On 10-05-2019

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